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In total, 155 countries have participated in
the Global Survey of School Meal Programs

Country Reports are based on data from the respective year of the Global Survey of School Meal Programs ©. The full database can be accessed by completing this interest form.

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 Only countries that have large-scale school meal programs have a country report below.  


Required citation: Global Child Nutrition Foundation (GCNF). {Select Year 2019 or 2021}. Global Survey of School Meal Programs Country Report, {Insert Country Name}. Accessed {Insert Date Accessed} at:

For example: Global Child Nutrition Foundation (GCNF). 2021. Global Survey of School Meal Programs Country Report, Andorra. Accessed February 2, 2022 at:

A global summary is also available in the survey report, “School Meal Programs Around the World: Results from the 2021 Global Survey of School Meal Programs“.

Country report examples showing school meal program data
81% of the world’s population live in the 139 countries for which data from the 2021 Global Survey of School Meal Programs © are available.

Additionally, across the 139 countries, 125 had large-scale school feeding. The data from these 125 countries are summarized in this available set of country reports, alongside the country reports from the 2019 survey round.

Each country report provides a comprehensive overview of the standardized information collected about the school feeding program, including:

  • Target Group
  • Coverage
  • Modality
  • Food Sources
  • Budget
  • Complementary Programs
  • National Laws
  • Policies and Standards
  • Infrastructure
  • Nutrition
  • Agriculture
  • Employment and Community Participation
  • Successes and Challenges
  • Research Needs

Use these reports to share information and foster learning between countries. They also function as an advocacy tool to promote investment in school feeding programs through deeper knowledge.